Please find below a selection of emails, comments & testimonials we have received at ezSmoke. If you would like to add a comment, review or testimonial please send us an email to sales@ezsmoke.ie (Sender's full names omited for privacy). We have just noticed that we had not updated this page in quite some time, but on June 16, 2017 we carried out a customer feedback survey, and one of the questions was "Why do you use ezSmoke?" I think the replies received would count as testimonials in themselves - see below:

Customer Feedback Survey - June 16, 2017

Because they provide an excellent & efficient service.

Came across it by chance online. And the oil is if offered is the only one I use

very reliable,very quick delivery.and most helpful if u need a response to a question or more information . helpful if and when u need

Because you are very reliable

Ease of use and I liked the sound of the products.

You have a good selection of stock, and your prices are very reasonable. Delivery was really fast. I'm a new customer, but a happy customer, & I'll defo be back!

It's convienent and reliable

Fast and professional service

I like the fast delivery and the diy options avaible

I can get bigger quantities at better prices.

Excellent products, Good value for money, Fast delivery

First company I contacted when making my first ecig purchase (think it was the first one I saw when searching online). Declan was extremely helpful with getting me set up initially and service to date has been faultless.

prompt and reliable service

Good selection of exactly what I want

Best for reliability, product and customer service

Fast delivery and good value for money

Good value

reasonable prices, quick delivery

Reliable fast shipping

easy ordering,quick dispatch

Convenient, supporting local business, reliable, good value

Good customer service and good variety

best value

Very good quality, reasonable prices

Good mix of flavours to try, speedy delivery, good prices

Have always received good service and advice when needed it

Friendly and genuine service

Wide range of products.

First class knowledge helpful people with excellent customer service

have had good service always

easy to order and fast delivery

Excellent service

Ease of use

Excellent value for money.

Great value for money

Excellent service, fantastic post, and always feel appreciated as a customer. Have even recieved the odd freebie, nice touch!


Swift delivery, reliable products, up to date stock..

High quality e-juice and quick delivery

Prefer to browse in my own time

Very reliable and trustworthy

Good selection and good prices

Choice and next day delivery.

Good quality and fast delivery.

I go to ez smoke for all my eliquid tanks and mods and a nice chat with declan

Quick delivery, good price point and a wide range of products.

Fast and reliable service

I trust the company and their products. I know that Declan is safety conscious and would only buy from the better suppliers..

Reliable, fast delivery and efficient

Good service

reasonable prices, fast delivery, good choice of products

Because they're local, helpful, and offer excellent products at great prices. Very fast and reliable shipping too. Plus a loyalty programme.

Price and fast delivery

Well laid out website, easy to use, Helpful staff, Irish company

Trustworthy, knowledgeable and local.

Good quality

good service,fast delivery

All of the products I have purchased are of the highest standard. Great range and variety of products to choose from. The next day delivery service is excellent.


Quick delivery and always reliable products

reliable. prompt.

Quality product with a good price, very reliable for orders being delivered on time and always have what im looking for in stock be it coils, juice or otherwise 2


Good value. Stock what I need.


I use ezsmoke for vaper refill, i also broke the glass,, i put in my order and got it next the day in the post.. good service

Very competitive prices

stock what I want & are reliable & trustworthy

Good quality and reliable.

The delivery is always quick

Next day delivery

An Irish company. Declan is lovely and helpful which is the only reason I buy from ezsmoke

quick delivery

Friendly efficent and helpful service

Fast and efficient service, I have not met with any problems.

Range of products

Ease of ordering

it is hassle free and always arrives on time

good service

Need unflavoured juice

knowledgeable vendor

As they were the stepping stone to keeping me off cigarettes and I never looked back

Most local to where I live and have what I am looking for.

Fast shipping and required product is always in stock



Cheapest place for me and super quick delivery at a great price

Great value fast shipping

Fast delivery

Price and postage

The staff have always been open and friendly, either face to face or through email. They have exactly what i want as a customer and they have excellent customer service. Always going above and beyond what is expected from them.

I like to support local vendors and Declan is always willing to sort any issues.

Easy and quick. What you ask for is what you get.

I use ezsmoke because I can get delivered to my door.. Iv found them very fast and eficent ..customer care is tops A1.

because it is a reasonable and reliable online service .

handier online

Prompt delivery and good choice of product

Speed of delivery and the products

Multiple reasons: - reliable provider of the liquid I like to use - local - nice to support a business in Galway - fast shipping/delivery

Excellent customer service

Reliable and fast.

Helpful and reliable.

Very reliable

Fast delivery and excellent value for money

Service is first class I know Declan to be an honorable man running a business with integrity. Also, Halcyon Haze Gin's Addiction is my crack cocaine :-) and it's a good price bought in bulk.

Reliability, fast delivery

Reliability and I love Frozen Berries

November 18, 2015
Hi I received it today. Thank you very much!! Great customer service. Happy customer.

November 11, 2015 (from Facebook)
5 star Always a pleasure to do business with and very helpful with advice when contacted via email. Always very happy with the products provided and the speed of delivery too.

Suggested I change one of my tanks on my latest order to an alternative and it turns out it's exactly the sort of tank that I have been after for a long while.

Only ever had one problem with a battery and when contacted sent a replacement battery out straight away.

If only all companies provided such excellent customer relations

November 9, 2015
got the stuff today , items are perfect . thanks !

September 30, 2015 (from Facebook)
5 star. Extremely fast and superb service, flawless product, highly recommended!

September 10, 2015
thanks for the fast shipping.
Got package delivered. Awesome shipping time.
Best Regards
R (Belgium)

August 12, 2015
Once again thank you for the super fast shipment. Delighted with my new setup, keep up the good work!
Kind Regards,

July 15, 2015
You’re very good! – really appreciate that – that’s why I love buying from you guys!
Thanks again

July 14, 2015
fair enough! I didn't realise, thanks for explaining.
Btw, I recently wasn't sure about the atomiser heads, and you have been very right - the BVC ones are much nicer.
Thanks as always for your swift response and good advice, going to place my order now. :)
Cheers and best regards

July 6, 2015
Thanks again and will be getting more liquids before long between the three of  us now.  The boys absolutey love theirs too.
Kind Regards,

June 29, 2015
Arrived today, just a quick thanks for another great value and bother-free purchase.

May 18, 2015
Really appreciate that Declan, Excellent service always fast shipping keep it up

May 1, 2015
The order was delivered this morning. Thanks for your usual prompt service on this as I will be out of the country from Tuesday for a few weeks and realised I needed a top up and only had a small window to get it. I continue to recommend you to others.
Enjoy the bank holiday weekend.

April 7, 2015
You're a true gent. This is the reason i'm still shopping irish and staying there.
Thanks a million and i look forward to the juices you come out with in the future.

March 20, 2015
Hello Declan,
As you may have noticed, I haven’t placed any new orders the last couple of months or so. Thing is, I decided to try to stay away from the e-sigs since around mid-January and so far it has gone well. Not a single «puff» in more than two months now. Fingers crossed it’ll stay that way.
Anyway, I just wanted you to know that the reason I haven’t placed any orders lately isn't that I have found myself a new supplier.  Since day one you have offered nothing but the best service. – Most appreciated. I just wanted you to know.

November 29, 2014
I just wanted to say a big thank you to two very special people who run EZ smoke.
You have always looked after me so well the both of you are legends in your own time.
Just enjoying vaping my apple juice.
I had forgotten how nice it was.
The service and way you look after your customers is legendary!!
Thanking you for everything especially all the great advice

November 4, 2014
Thanks again, you run a great business with outstanding customer support.

October 23, 2014

Thanks again for very good products fair prices and very quick returns and very friendly service.

Sept 25, 2014

EZSmoke moved to legendary status!
Thanks Declan

Sept 25, 2014
Hi Declan
The sample pack arrived this morning, thank you for such quick posting and have the Sloe Gin is amazing.
Happy Vaping

Sept 9, 2014
Thanks for that. "X" and "Y" raved about your customer service and insisted I buy from you. Now I see why.Thanks,

August 22, 2014
EZ Smoke are always efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

July 28, 2014
.....which means a year on ecigs. No regrets or any temptations. Total life changer. Finally settled on my 3 top juices. Mix of flavour and head performance using excellent aspire bdc:-
Tj virgin leaf
Ice queen

All the best

June 8, 2014
I have gone from 30 a day for 30 years to zero 'normal' cigarettes with absolutely no hardship. My kids and girl friend love the absence of the smell and I feel a lot better for it, as well as the financial savings.

I'm stepping down the nicotine levels, from 18, to 16, to 11 and hopefully onto 6. I have relatively no health concerns with the vaping processes but I'd love to have the monkey off my back after all these years. I never thought I would. I tried the gum and patches after my kids were born, but I guess I am cleaner now than I have been in 30 years. Who knows, I might end up being a zero nic vaper, I still love the smoking action. I think that's the reason why so many people find it so easy to swap.
Heres hoping that the governments/big tobacco don't stick their oar in as they see the loss in taxes and revenue. Some of the anti arguments are pretty ridiculous, normalises smoking again etc.... Personally I would never vape in a restaurant or around kids as it's bad manners and to be honest it annoys me when I see people who do.
So good luck with your business, the service, prices and quality of the products you sell are excellent. It is also the site I recommend to people who have the 'Oh, I don't know....' concerns regarding unregulated E-liquids , exploding batteries etc.
Personally I'd like to see some light regulation on the liquids. I work in the medical device industry and the level we see here isn't required, but you know, some sort of quality mark and traceability of ingredients as in the food industry would be great,

May 30, 2014
the juice arrived this morning and it's lovely. Someone had bought me some "brand name removed" and it made me as sick as dog, well done on producing such a great product and here's to a further 9 months of been ciggie free.

May 25, 2014
The "primo verde" is actually lovely, different to the sweeter tobacco flavours I tend to use (my all time favourite is a 50:50 mix of your "legend" and "eastern blend", divine!) but that one could become a favourite too! :)

Due to my "strictness" with the cartomizers (one for tobacco, one for "sweets", like chocolate, coffee etc, and I don't like to change, because I think the sweeter stuff clogs up the atomizer heads much quicker) I must get another one for the menthol/minty stuff now, esp since I got that very interesting Mojito...

You prob think I'm totally crazy, like me ordering all the time, but since I save so much money on "real" tobacco it's worth it, very much so, I'm having fun! :D Still off the filthy stuff since just after Paddys Day, looks like it really is for good now, I don't miss a thing.

Thanks for your great work,
best regards

April 28, 2014
Thanks for letting me know, you're customer service is first rate, Regards R

April 25, 2014
Just a quick update: everything worked out perfectly in terms of  delivery (thanks for the tracking info AND for the lovely "Legend" liquid gift, it's much appreciated!), and of course I had to try the new Apsire kit myself too - it's very awesome!

It makes a world of a difference in terms of flavour and vape. And how interesting is is to play with the settings - my fave tobacco mix tastes great with about 3.8 - 4 whereas my menthol mix is much better  on lower settings. I'm gonna have fun with this since my friend and me decide to share it - he gets one of the Aspires and one of the "normal" Egos, and so do I! :D

Thanks again - you'll hear from me soon to get replacement bits I guess.;)
Best regards

April 15, 2014
Thanks again Declan. I've been spreading the word, my partner is now vaping and my brother K..., lots of companies out there, but really appreciate and value your speed and customer service.
Kind regards,

April 12, 2014
Thanks ever so much Declan
I have really appreciated all of your help and advice over the last couple of weeks
take care

April 8, 2014
Have to say... You do a great Service..
Very pleased with website, Payments and delivery
Kind regards

April 8, 2014
Hi, thanks for your advice with the last order, the Legend 18mg was just right, could you include that as the free sample again.

Everything in the Ego CE4 V3 kit was first rate in quality and value, with the batteries lasting all day and the kit giving a really good vaping experience.

Thanks for your help and if I could ask you dispatch this order asap, that would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to use the above as an endorsement - the product (and your service) deseve it.

Regards, P

April 7, 2014
It's actually for my cousin, been at her to quit since i discovered your great shop.
So one more customer lol

March 27, 2014
Thanks Declan.  Very happy with unit.  Thanks again for all your help and assistance.

March 20, 2014
Not so much a question or query, just a short note to express my delight at your service. It's second to none.
I'm only too happy to be throwing my business your way in the future.

Regular updates, speedy delivery, great value for money. You can't be faulted.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


March 13, 2014
i just wanted to drop you guys a few lines to say thank you for my new ego c twist battery.i had previously been using a standard ego and the difference between them is night and day.the variable voltage on the twist improves the taste,hit and overall vaping experience immeasurably.im only on the ecigs 2 weeks after being a 15 a day man for over 20 years.i have never gone so long without a cigarette,and i feel i have finally found something that will help me quit for good. thanks again and the very best of luck with your business as i can only see it grow fantastically in the coming years.

March 6, 2014
Great product - great service, Thanks Declan, I'm loving the Watermelon. LOL

February 26, 2014
Received my order this morning. Delivered by Fastway. You came to me on recommendation from another customer who has been vaping for only 5 weeks but we are following the same path. Enjoyed my first few puffs.
Your choice of Legend e-juice was a good one. After reading a few boards didn't expect to be so pleasantly surprised on my first attempt. Please feel free to use this email in your testimonials
Thanks and regards, J

February 16, 2014
Cheers Declan its a great shop you have I've heard great things. Fair play to ye and thanks again

January 26, 2014
6 months off the fags on Friday just gone. Thanks for all your help!

January 21, 2014
Just a quick thank you on the speedy delivery of my electronic cigarette, I'm very impressed with it I was a little skeptical at first but I really like it. I really appreciate the extra eliquid that was included free of charge it was a great surprise and I actually really enjoy the flavour :) One very happy customer, I'll be sure to order more,
Thanks again,

January 3, 2014
Hi Declan,
Happy New Year to you too. Just wanted to say, and you can quote me on this, superfast delivery of quality products at very resonable prices. Great to see a good Irish E-Cig company. Many thanks man.

January 3, 2014
Thank you so much may i say a fantastic customer service and extremley quick response, i'll be recommending your company to all friends and family, fantastic service!
Many thanks