Reilly not convinced that electronic cigarettes are safe, orders review

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Article below is the I just hope that Minister O’ Reilly gets his “evidence” from independent sources, and not from the Pharmaceutical industry, who want to monopolise this sector, and not have small independent retailers such as ourselves being involved.

HEALTH MINISTER JAMES Reilly has asked his department to examine research around electronic cigarettes because he is not convinced that they are a safe product.

Reilly said earlier today that e-cigarettes are not harmless and because they contain nicotine they can have addictive and cardio-vascular effects.

E-cigarettes are battery-operated products that turn nicotine into a vapor inhaled by the user.

“I am not convinced of [their] safety,” Reilly told the media earlier today. “I don’t like the idea that they are being promoted, particularly on flights. I don’t like that.”

Last week, the British regulatory authority said it was to control the sale of such products by classifying them as medicines and making them available over-the-counter.

There are no regulations controlling the sale or advertising of e-cigarettes in Ireland. They are widely available in some shops and online but not in pharmacies following the advice of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland.

Reilly added: “They might be safer than regular tobacco insofar as they don’t have all the other toxins in them but they still, I believe, are not safe. But I want to be on evidence-based ground when I make any possible decision in relation to them.”

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