RY4 eLiquid Review

Dekang RY4 (Ruyan 4) has been a favourite since the early days of vaping. I had vaped it and liked it some months back, but with so many other eLiquids out there, I had been vaping a variety of other juices for the past while. However in the past few days I have taken out some more and I have to say, that this really is a most satisfactory vape. I have used in 510 Atomizer, Dual Coil Cartomizer, and as I write am using it in a CE3 Smokymizer

Flavour: Maybe a mix of cigar, tobacco & nut, but again with a very slight sweet after taste. Rating: 9/10

Throat Hit: 24 mg it gives significant, yet not harsh, throat hit. Rating: 9/10

Vapour Production:  Lots. Rating: 9/10

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